Taste of Torah: Ki Tetze First Aliyah

Taste of Torah: Parsha Reeh First Aliyah

Taste of Torah: Devarim first aliyah

Purim Celebration – March 4 at 7 pm

Join us for a fun evening as we present the story of Esther in a musical.  Light refreshments following the show.  Come dressed in your favorite costuemm (nothing scary or indecent please.)

Taste of Torah – Parsha Terumah

Week of Prayer – January 1 – 7, 2023

This week we join other believers across this nation and around the world in prayer for an awakening to take place in our personal lives, our communities, our nations and the world.  Our theme verse is “After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly” (Acts 4:31, NIV)

Below are the daily prayer prompts.


High Holy Day Schedule 2022

2022 Week of Prayer – Tuesday’s Prayer Focus

Too often our minds and emotions are hijacked by the chaos of the world and the challenges of life.  What if today, we take time to focus on the beauty of Yeshua?  What if we choose to reflect on all the good things He has done in our lives and the glorious creation that surrounds us?  Perhaps this change in perspective will encourage our hearts.  Perhaps it will break through the darkness trying to encroach on our minds and emotions. It will certainly strengthen us as we pray today.  May you see His beauty in even the most minute of details.


Rabbi Carol

Sukkot Celebration


2021 Omer Calendar

Here is a copy of our Omer calendar for 2021 for those who want to count with us.